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I am going to configure Gmail in Outlook 2007 with POP3 and want to know one thing. Can I configure more than one profile in Microsoft Outlook.

Yes, you can. (Read more...)

I am receving Spam mails every single day!! How can I stop Spam/Junk mails permanently?

No, you can't stop it permanently. But, you can easily filter these emails manually. (Read more...)

How to create password protected Outlook PST files?

It is possible to do this and for this you can read this section but, I think this task not provides complete security against intentional malicious attempted to access your information. So, it is better for you to set password for Windows user account. (Read more...)

I usually send an email to my clients with same format. Is there any option to store this email in Outlook with same template as it will save my time to type or create same email message again and again.

I suggest you to use Outlook File Template as it is easy to create and can be used repeatedly for sending same email address with preformatted layout.(Read more...)

Is it possible to Prevent Outlook from Answering Read Receipt Requests?

Yes, you can prevent Outlook for same. (Read more...)

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Is there a way to get the delivery and read receipt confirmation to a specific address in Outlook?

Yes, you can easily do this by applying some rules or using some other options. But, don't rely completely on these options as it is easy for receipient to decline your request. (Read more...)

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Get A Free Tutorial Video: For Brief Description